Photo Frame Genius

    Photo Frame Genius
  • Latest Version: 2.2
  • Released Date: Jul 17
  • File Size:  2.96MB
  • Languages: English
  • Limitations: 5 days trial
  • Requirements: Win 9x/Me/2000/XP/2003 server/Vista

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Photo Frame Genius (Photo Show) is a tool for quick and easy creation of stunning frames, and with help of this program you can add many different Mask, Clip Art and Shadow effects to photos.

As a specialized tool, Photo Frame Genius has many features:

  1. Support the major picture format.
  2. allow to rotate, flip, or change the size of the image;
  3. apply to effect and correct the image and texture;
  4. can add Mask, Frame, Clip Art and Shadow to the photos;
  5. create rectangular frames with opaque color or texture outside of the source image;
  6. allow to create frames of the different forms and styles inside the source images;
  7. allow to apply several frames and effects to the source image simultaneously;
  8. set JPEG compression quality;
  9. save created image to GIF, BMP, JPEG and PNG - files;
  10. allow to print the photos;
  11. Adapt PNG compression technology, the verge of pictures will not be varicolored.
  12. Save the Users 'setting automatically.


Screen shots

easy-to-use interface
picture editor
easy-to-use interface built-in photo editor
Add Frame Add Mask
apply frame effects apply mask effects
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