How to merge multiple pictures into one

Step 1.

Click "Create New" button on the toolbar of the main window, or Select "File/Create New Picture..." menu item, and open 'Create Wizard' dialog box.

Step 2.

1). In the 'Create Wizard' window, you need to select a type of new picture would you like to create and set picture background color.

2). Click 'Next' button, You can select a type of source picture resizing, include rows and columns etc.

3). When dimensions of new picture has set, Please click 'Next' button. In Select pictures', You can add pictures to list, or remove, move up and move down item for picture list.

4). When all operations have been set, Please click 'Finish' button and back to the main window.

Step 3.

If count of selected pictures less than your settings, Please click 'Explorer' tab on left of main window and Drag & Drop pictures to workspace. The picture will be added to new picture.

Step 4.

Click 'Save It' button on toolbar of the main window, and save created picture.


Cropped option:  When this option is checked, selected picture will paint only the portion of its picture, that intersects with the picture of the container: